• 4 Papers accepted at EMBS!
  • Grant awarded by Army Research Office with Yale Cohen
  • Grant awarded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) with Barry Ives and Bijan Pesaran
  • Received NYU Grand Challenge Award with Rob Froemke, Dan Sanes, and Bijan Pesaran
  • Headed to Neural Interface Conference in Dallas, TX (June, 2014)

About the lab

Our research applies innovations in flexible electronics to create new technology for interfacing with the brain at a much finer scale and with broader coverage than previously possible. We create new tools for neuroscience research and technology to diagnose and treat neurological disorders, such as epilepsy. Using these tools, we collaborate with neuroscientists and clinicians to explore the fundamental properties of brain networks in both health and disease. Our research program works closely with industry, including filing five patents and several licensing agreements. Our work has also been featured as cover articles in Science Translational Medicine and Nature Materials, and has also appeared in Nature Neuroscience, the Journal of Neurophysiology, and Brain.

New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering
2 MetroTech Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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